soft power cap

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soft power Merch Edition, 2023
featuring embroidered details by Sangun Ho &
custom designed variable Typeface soft power NewEdge 666 by Charlotte Rohde

soft power is a collectively run non-profit art association and venue for artistic projects. As a conceptual framework, soft power appropriates a political term that describes and uses the influence which soft assets such as culture and art can have on policies and economic spheres. The ongoing programme is guided by the question how this notion can be productively subverted, challenged and reclaimed from an artistic perspective.

In addition to exhibitions and other public formats that are taking place in our space in a former factory building in Berlin-Tempelhof since 2021, soft power also functions as a venue for changing residencies and as a workspace that combines curatorial, artistic, sociological and design approaches in an ongoing engagement with the structural realities and political conditions of collective practices.


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